Monday, August 9, 2010


Friday off. On Saturday I was planning to do the 40miles @ 70% and the wall-balls, but my college yoga teacher/ skydive instructor urge me to show up at the drop-zone to finish my Cat A training in order to move on with the skydive training.

Windy at the drop zone so we wait for hours until we were clear to go.

There are no words to describe how good feels to jump from a plane by myself (with the help of Ariel & Kristin, Sky master who dive by your side just in case you panic and don't open the chute). We jumped from 12,000 and practiced altitude awareness, practiced pulls and then at 6,000 lock on and at 5,500 open. What a ride...

Then was guided by walkie-talkie with instructions on how to enter to pattern and land.

For some reason I landed to hard (still learning, remember is my first jump....) so I landed really hard on my butt. (see picture below)

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