Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim and Backsquats

Crazy day.... Receiving equipment, building a platform, painting, picking up my daughter...

Did my 1st WOD at YMCA swim 4x400 80% effort, each rep within 4 sec of each other. Good swim. I need to see my watch to add the times. But I felt good overall.

After dropping Juliet at Gymnastics, I went home to do my 2nd. WOD Back squat body weight, 21 reps, 500m row, back squat 15 reps (same weight), 500m row, back squat 9 reps, row 500m. I felt tired and with just 1/2 hour rest between the 2 WOD, for moments I wanted to call the day, but I manage to finish at 14:20.

After that quick snack and went to a Yoga Class, super intense one. Almost do not finish, but I did it and enjoyed too.

Kristin is a super good teacher and skydiver who invited my to jump... I will do it.

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