Friday, July 2, 2010

Should I say Jump or Skydive or both? (Run, box jumps, wall balls and Tabata bike)

Today was my play day. I went to Ellington, CT to jump in tandem. Kristin my Yoga teacher, college and friend invite my to start taking lesson to get certified. The first step is to jump in tandem.

WOW!!! Loved it! What an awesome experience. To summarize we climb to 11,000 feet and jump. Check the altimeter and at 5,500 signal my instructor and pull the parachute and then land on the zone. I'm still dreaming about it. I want to jump again right now!

OK, back to the training world, I did my 2 WODs back to back when we went home. 1st. WOD 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls, 4X for time. Oh men. that was hard. And for some reason lately i'm exhausted. Burned. Tired... I pushed to finish. Not the best time but felt good to finish. Total time:22:40 (24inches box and 20lb wall ball, running on the hills).

Inmediately after that grab my bike, water and went for the 2nd. WOD tabata bike :20 work, :10 rest, 32X, note distance. around the house on the hills on the cyclocross. No legs whatsoever but finished too. That is what is all about. Finish right? Total distance: 3.7miles

Garmin data:
TABATA BIKE (:20 :10) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. Yes, that was a brutal workout and you put down very respectable time. Awesome job. I'm a little jealous about the skydiving - I've given it some thought here and there.

  2. So one day you think about a dive and the next day you go do it - wow. My daughter wanted to do that for her 20th birthday last month - but she had no extra cash. I am sure it was a blast.
    And good work on your WOD

  3. all i can say about this whole post is wow! oh and damn!

  4. Way to push through- those workouts are a$$-kickers. Jealous about the jumps. It's on my to-do list, but I've never had the chance yet.

  5. Great post Ariel! Way to keep pushing thru everything.