Friday, July 16, 2010

AFF & 5km run

Today at 8am I was at Ellington, CT starting my Accelerated Free Fall training course. I learn a lot of things and almost jump but the weather was not good enough.

Tomorrow maybe I will be able to do my first AFF jump from 12000. Great stuff.

After a hot day I came home and watched Ironman Kona 2008. Today I realized that I recorded last year on 07/25 which is the day when I will be doing IMLP!!!!! Great!

After watching those amazing images, I went for a run at evening. Not the fastest but on the hills and pushing. Felt good. 5km run time: 33:16 (again not the fastest but finished). Still trying to get my mind around the 26.2 that I will be facing next Sunday!.

It's coming. It's coming and it feels like when you look down from 12,000 feet! A lot of mix emotions...

Now watching the Crossfit Games Live! Amazing. I need to learn a lot of new WOD like the muscle ups! Tomorrow I will hang the rings and try it for sure! Giddy up boys and girls!


  1. Glad to have you back Ariel. We wish you all the best for the studio. You'll be great at Lake Placid.

  2. O.k., I must say now I know you are crazy! I have no issues with the sky diving and would even like to give it a try myself, but I'm not sure I would do it this close to an event that I have worked so long and hard to do. Yes, maybe I'm being a little neurotic, but still!

    See you in a few days.