Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday I went to Mt. Tom lake (Litchfield-Bantam) to do my 20 minutes light of swimming. I want to say that that lake sucks! why they don't allow you to swim from the shore when lifeguard present?

ANyway, drove to Highland lake and swim from one of our friends dock. Nice and warm water, choppy but nice. Then grab the bike from the lake to Torrington and then ran from there. My wife and daugther help me a lot since they drove by my side in order to keep the transitions as short as possible.
After that, I went to Lowes to buy plywood to build my new jump boxes. 36" x 36", went home and built it. Oh men, they lock and feel HUGE! but giddy up, will be fun...

Today I had my first client at 8am to start the ON RAMP program and at 4pm I have my first private. One thing for sure, I will learn a lot from teaching and I love it.

See you all on Lake Placid! I can not wait, counting the hours...


  1. so after the mishap at the first lake, sounds like you had a great day! See you very very soon.

  2. can't wait to hear your race report. best of luck!