Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Therapeutic run & thanks TriMax Team!

Long day. Started early preparing everything and everybody (Juliet and Hunter) in order to be able to start my drive for a week long trip to Saratoga.

Drive and worked all day editing and producing "Bellator Season Preview Show" for Telemundo.

Hunted every now and then for toughs about Japan.

I'm very fortunate because I have the TriMax team by my side. From emails, blog comments , Max help and DAN "The Man" contacts I feel better already and most important is not dead who fights...

Even when I do not have something tangible I feel positive about it.

Today I had 45 min run, run 22.5 mins in one direction, turn around, note distance.
Started going around in circles like trying to avoid it.

Working late was the perfect excuse. The "limbo" training situation and so many other toughs almost toke over...

But not. Leave the office and start my drive to the YMCA indoor track then decided to go to the hotel treadmill and ended running at 9pm on the streets of Saratoga. Very nice night for a therapeutic run, soul searching, nice music, clouds, stars the road and me.

Is good to be able to run and enjoy it, even when my legs still hurts from the back-squats, thrusters and bike ride...

Total distance 4:84 miles. Not the best time but excellent for my soul.


You know who are your friends when things are not good and you demonstrate to me that you're excellent human beings.


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  1. Ariel,

    Sorry I deleted my prior message - too many mispelled words. Here's a couple of things that might help you put this is perspective:

    1. The real adventure is the journey
    2. When's the last time you have been in this top physical shape?

    I think I got to know you a little from reading your blogs and I know you will find a new, probably better, challenge to aim for.

    What happened sucked, but it happened to 1,199 other people as well - you are not alone.

    You going to come see us at the Rev3?