Thursday, June 24, 2010

Row and Helen

Went to the YMCA for today's 2 WODs.

1st. 1000yds. swim, which I replaced for 5km row since I did not have a lot of time. Also was my warm up for Helen.

19:44 was the total time.
Try to push harder but felt tired.

After that I immediately started my 2nd. WOD (bricked) "HELEN". For some reason my watch don't start (maybe I didn't push hard enough the button?) but the thing is I don't know my time, which is not good to track progress or lack of it.

Anyway, was hard to do it after the 5km row. I used the gravitron since was the close machine to the treadmill. Combine my five fingers, with a barbell and running around the gym, was kind of a lunatic doing a workout. But who cares. I did it.

Another long night today... Bellator 23 last show of the 2nd. Season.


  1. ive got helen coming up too. normally i like that wod. too bad about the time!

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