Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not speedy Gonzales, but I did it (Run, Push ups)

Today 1st. WOD 10k run. As I mentioned before, running has become harder lately and I need to make peace with this. I went out to run with the idea to have fun and do not kill myself in the process, after all I can not run like speedy from one day to the other.

I need to return to the POSE, because I'm not even thinking about it when I run. I need to find balance between POSE and having fun running.

The time was really slow for the 10K: 1:05:05.
but I least I enjoyed more and little by little I plan to start pushing more again without feeling bad about it.

No stomachaches so the run felt better. Just had water (no electrolytes). After that I did the 2nd. WOD. 100 push ups. Time: 4:05

At the evening I went for a Yoga Class with Maureen. Great class and since not a lot of people at the class felt like a one on one class. Was reluctant at the beginning of the class (felt too tired) by I left with an smile on my face.


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