Monday, June 7, 2010

Moving and WOD (500mts row, 21,15, 9 backsquats)

Started the day with a VALET YOGA CLASS @ Charym by Victoria. Gentle but excellent stretch for body and also for my mind.

At 4pm. I helped to move out of the way some stuff and garbage from where it will be my new office/box/studio/gym.

My lovely daughter also helped and play too (see picture below).

Then I did a WOD pending from yesterday. Today was my day off (old training plan from IM Japan) but since I had the pending WOD I did it.

500mts. row, 21 back squat (BWT), 500mts. row, 15 back squats, 500mts. 9 back squats.
Started trying with 45+90+70 and felt too tired/weak, then 45+90+50 and finally I did it with 45+90+20. At this point I forget to restart the chronometer so I don't now the final time. Anyway I did just to finish not for time and the weight was not the prescribed one.
I did it to tell my mind even after a long day, moving included(*) I will not give up.

(*) this will be my moving # 40 or maybe # 41. Is not fun to move, even when you started something new. Last year alone I move 2 times my office and the memories are not that good, that's why I may felt tired and stress out, I don't know and I really don't want to spend a lot of tire analyzing it.

After I finish the WOD I receive the new training plan for IMLP. WOW!!!! Max on red bull w/vodka is nothing compare with what the following weeks await for me.

All good, I will keep it up as much as I can, the whole thing is about the journey not the destination... so I will enjoy it!


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