Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, monday... (bike and thrusters)

I decided to go to my Yoga (Ballet) Class on my tri-bike doing the 1st. WOD 45 min bike

I leave home late so I push it to make it before the class start. Made it. (I will post the results when I sync my Garmin)

Yoga Ballet Class was good and Victoria was great as always.

After that I went home and change to pickup my daughter. At evening I did the 2nd. WOD Thrusters, 75#, 50X for time. Total time 4:03. For a minute I thought I can load more weight but after the first 30 reps I was happy that I didn't.

Was a very good day overall.


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  1. Great job on those thrusters, they never get easier