Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fueled by sadness

Usually I don't like to complain and I tried hard to maintain to a minimum the amount of bad thoughts or feelings, but this week was a little harder than usual.

My oldest soon turn 12 years old. He and my middle soon lives in Argentina with my ex wife. I do not see them since May 2009, and I really, really miss them. We've being talking with my wife to bring them for their winter vacation, but since over there is 2 weeks vacation I request have them for 3 weeks and let them do the homework before the return.

She start complaining and fighting around. I tried to not get involve in that destructive relationship but sometimes I can't. Have them here for 2 weeks cost near to 5,000 dollars. That's why I want them to be here as much time as possible because is really expensive to fly them here.

What really make me sad, is the day I called to say happy birthday to my soon he listened her mom yelling at me and what really piss me off was that day both skip school because of the birthday! And then she alleges that if they come here for 3 weeks they will miss school.

Working out usually help me to channel some of this frustrations but this week seems to do not work. I'm feeling sad and overwhelm.

On Saturday I went to cycling concepts to pickup my commute bike a Cyclocross. Dan and his crew fitted and looks really nice. This week I will starting my commute to work here at Litchfield HILLS and @ Saratoga too. Looking forward to see how this will feel.

Anyway, I manage to do the weekends WOD:

Saturday: 8x400m, at best 5K pace, rest 3 mins after each, I did it at home running to the drive way to the street.

1) 1:28 2) 1:30 3) 1:32 4) 1:33 5) 1:35 6) 1:40 7) 1:41 8) 1:45

Hard workout. I had to really push to finish. Running up hill was the hardest part.
My daughter and our friends kid cheer for me and that put a smile on my face and help me to finish.

1st WOD @ 7pm 5-5-5-5-5 thrusters
1) 5 @ 45+25x2=95lb
2) 5 @ 45+35x2=115lb
3) 5 @ 45+45x2=125lb
4) 5 @ 45+45x2=135lb
5) 5 @ 45+45x2=135lb

2nd. Workout
swim 100 yd, 5 push ups, 5 squats, 8X for time (replaced the swim for 500mts. row) since the pool was close and too late to go to the lake.

Total time: 22:47.

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  1. Ariel,

    I cannot imagine how difficult it is not not be able to see your children on a regular basis. I hope you work something out.


  2. sorry to hear about all of this. you can't control how other people act but you can try to control how you let it affect you. keep a smile on your face!