Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers day WODs (Backsquats and 400s swim)

Fathers day. Good day. Perfect would be to have my kids here or just a phone call from them...

Went to the YMCA and did the 1st. WOD

3-3-3-3-3 Back squat

1) 45+90(45x2)=135lb
2) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)=225lb
3) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb
4) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb
5) 45+90(45x2)+90(45x2)+50(25x2)=275lb

Goal was to squat low and I did it. Felt good.

2nd. WOD at the pool (with Nilda and Juliet swiming on the other line)!
5x200 swim @ 4 mins rest
3:14 was the averagage time. Warmed up with 400mts. Push it hard or that's why I think.


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