Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I've being feeling tired and unmotivated. Every WOD seems to be harder and run is not being fun. I want to enjoy it but for now is just painful to go and run.

Maybe is because I'm not sleeping too much or too busy, but the reality is that everyday I found myself having to do an effort to do the WOD.

I know it will pass, but for know kind of sucks...

1st. WOD: 1-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift, did it home with all the weight I have 345.

1) 45+(45x2)=90lb
2) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)
3) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)
4) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)
5) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)
6) 445+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)
7) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)+(5x2)
8) 45+(45x2)+(35x2)+(25x2)+(10x4)+(10x2)+(5x2)+(5x2)+(2.5x2)* extra one

After this WOD I went to a YOGA class. Hard, very hard. Felt tight and out of balance and wanting to get out of there. But I hold it until the end.

Went home, grab my snicker and hit the road for the 2nd. WOD. 10K. Did it counter clockwise since I need to head to downtown before LOWES closes, I need DRY ERASE pain for the new box.

Started thinking that will not be that hard because I thought the hills where in the other direction, but I was wrong. Hard uphills. Nice sunset do. Push it and fight my mind almost every step. As I said before running has become hard for me. I need to deal with this ASAP and find peace with running. The last 2 miles I had a terrible stomachache and almost stop couple of times, but I hold it.

The result was not good but not the worst. 1:02


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  1. Sounds like you are tired, both mentally and physically. I've been there, it's hard, but you will get through it. Get some rest.