Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bike, squats and burpees

Last week at Saratoga for this first part of the season. I will be back on August...

I bring the cyclocross bike again to Saratoga to commute and to train. Commuting and having fun great bike, to train is like pulling a truck on your back, more than that is a great bike and make your legs stronger (I hope so!)

Did the first WOD bike 3 mins on, 2 off, 6X for distance @ Route 9N. First 2 3 minutes felt with no legs and really, really tired. Uphill most of the time. Beautiful day and the route was busy. I felt good but hard to push.

Garmin data:
bike 3 mins on, 2 off, 6X for distance by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Immediately after that I check in at the hotel, grab my bike and went to the YMCA for the 2nd. WOD: back squat body weight 3 reps, 3 burpees, every minute on the minute for 15 minutes. I like it! Really! Hard towards the end but felt good. I squat super down and used more than my body weight= 45+(45x2)+(25x2)=185lb.. Sweet a lot!

After the WOD went to grocery store, had dinner on Spring Street Deli (quesadilla) and had a evening ride around the hotel neighborhood. Peace and quite evening. Very nice.



  1. Do you have a place to stay at Lake Placid yet?

  2. Martin, thank you for asking. Yes I have a place close to Lake Placid, it's a friends house. I'm still thinking about Erica extra room.

  3. Good to hear. See you soon (it's coming fast).