Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bike (fit), swim and run (wod)

Last night I have a natural pill to sleep in order to try to test a natural solution pre race day. I think it worked since I wake up feeling I slept better, even when I just slept 7 hours or less.

Today I went back to an old love. Cycling Concepts. Dan is very, very good and that's why the first time (thanks Max once again to introduce me with the right people), I fit my bike over there.

Today I re-fit my bike (actually Dan did it). Longer and wider aerobars stand, higher saddle, spacers on the cranks and on the shoes. Overall improvement Dan told me.

Also I bought an entry level Cyclocross from Cannondale to use it as a commuter when I'm in Saratoga and at home, to save gas and to train even when I'm not training.

After that went to the pool for Juliet's class and to do the 1st. WOD: 500yds.

Warm up with 50yds and then swam for 500YDS 8:13

Then went to YOGA but today the class was canceled. At home I did the 2nd. WOD
20 BOX JUMPS (24INCHES), 20 SQUATS, 20 PUSHUPS, 20 SITUPS, RUN 1 MILES X 2 TIMES: Total time: 22:36.
The hard part was run.




  1. Ariel,

    Dan is awesome. I got to him via Max as well and as soon as I walked in I was "hey, I know you." They have been very good to me at Cycling Concepts - definately a classy bike shop.

    Speaking of mountain biking - I plan to do some after race season for a change of pace. Do you have a mountain bike?


  2. I started commuting as much as possible on my bike too. I love it. I hope it works for you too.