Thursday, June 3, 2010


Still keeping up with my training even without knowing exactly what I will do.

Ironman Japan organization keep sending emails saying they will help us but the clock keep ticking and no news so far. I know they are busy solving a lot of issues but I will love them to go through what we are going through to understand a little bit the consequences that canceling an event.

Anyway, I went to the YMCA for my 2 WOD late at evening 8:30pm.

1) WOD AMRAP IN 15 MINUTES: 5 DEADLIFT, 10 BURPEES, 15 SQUATS. Prescribed 70% of 2/4. I didn't remember the 2/4 numbers so I went for 45+ (45x4)= 225lb. I did 9 reps @ 14:45 with 15 seconds left on the clock.

2) Swim 700yds just for fun, keep it the pace but not pushing to much, just to get use the pool again after the tattoo retouch. Felt good, my arms still hurting from the deadlifts/ burpees but good overall.

So far I feel good and keeping up with the hope I will get an slot in other IM.

Again, thank you TriMax team for your supports and kind words.


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