Monday, May 3, 2010

Yoga & Spring cleaning

Another long, long day with million things to do around the house...

Wake up early after going to sleep at 2am.

Yoga class at Charym with my wife and daughter. I'm loving YOGA, I feel much better even on my bike the aerobars are now super confortable and my body in general feel great!

After YOGA, went to the house and start the spring cleaning, taking away a lot of garbage and moving things to storage. Back to the house, moving the playset, mowing the lawn, etc. etc. Then even with almost no power left I manage to do the WOD.

Back squat 70% of weight used on 2/4, 21 reps, 500m row, back squat 15 reps (same weight), 500m row, back squat 9 reps, row 500m.

I used 45+45x2+25x2=185lb. because I feel was the manageable weight for 21reps.

Total time was 10:12

I had to really concentrate on the back squat to avoid doing monkey stuff... felt great to finish the WOD but was hard to start and finish. But, is like Max always says... One WOD at a time.

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