Thursday, May 6, 2010


Week 5 at Saratoga Springs project and 5 weeks for my first ever Ironman, which I'm looking forward!

Wake up early and travel to Saratoga, work all day and then hit the YMCA for 2 brick WOD.

First one and replacing the swim, 2500mts. row for time.

Was hard and I was not focus, a lot of distractions at the gym, TV, people...

Total time: 9:51 Immediately after that went to the back of the big room to do my 2nd. WOD. 4 burpees, 8 push ups, 12 sit ups. Bring with me the AB MAT!

As soon I started a lot of people around start looking at me like "what you're doing?", don't care what they think, just keep pushing and sweating a lot. A lot, to the point I need to move to other spot so when I do the push ups I will not slip away...

I push it as hard as I can. Total 20 + 1 burpee.

For some reason I love this WOD today, maybe was my way to relax...


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