Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tap tap

Yesterday felt good. Even after a long night and 4 hours of sleep. Drive back home from Saratoga and head to the garage for Tabata.

Setup my new wall clock which by the way is really handy.

TABATA :20 :10, Jump boxes, pushups, lungees and situps.

Jump boxes:25-21-19-12-10-9-10-8

First jump boxes fly, then my legs starting to lose power, same with the push ups.

Overall enjoyed a lot!

Had a snack and went to the YMCA for 4x400yds @ 4 minutes rest.

Warm up with 400yds and since the pool was really packed I share lines by the side of teenagers.

I using this Timex watch that you tap on the screen to start and to lap. Still getting use to.

Need to wear it up in the arm or will just hit the right buttons with the ankle.

I'm almost sure I did the same times on all 4- 400s

1)3:03 2)3:03 3)3:04 3:03

Felt good overall.

Namaste and good weekend for everyone.

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