Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today I went back to the tattoo studio to see if they are touching up the art... NO! needs more healing that actually is good news since now I can swim.

Switch WODs and head to YMCA.

First WOD:
21 Sit ups, run 200m, 18 sit ups, run 200m, 15 sit ups, run 200m, 12 sit ups, run 200m, 9 sit ups, run 200m, 6 sit ups, run 200m, 3 sit ups, run 200m for time.

I ran it with my FIVE FINGERS @ 9.1mhp on the treadmill, and setup the ABMAT by the side of the treadmill.

Run 1.3miles each interval because the treadmill do not show 1.24 (200mts.)
Felt good and keep it with the 9.1mph since I was running on the five fingers.

Total time 8:30

Immediately after that WOD I went to the pull to swim the 1000yds. Warm up with 50yds and start swimming at a good pace trying to remember how is to swim :) Since my pool ban for the tattoo last time I was 2 weeks ago.

First laps felt my arms to tight and even with some pain, after that my goal to keep the stroke long and strong.

After I let my mind go and not be in the middle I found the point to enjoy it. Not my fast swim but good enough.

Total time 17:28


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