Monday, May 10, 2010


Started today with a Charym Ballet Yoga Flow by Victoria Mazzarelli. Excellent class! I enjoyed a lot and plan to keep going every monday.

Then went for a massage, but for some reason I do not enjoyed at all. Super painful and didn't like it. Need to rethink this "muscle treatment" approach. Sound like I'm super pampering myself, but I just trying to get the better possible treatment before the race and after all the abuse I'm putting to my body. Just that...

Worked the rest of the day and I was thinking to do the 4 x 2000mts row (swim substitution) but at last moment I switched to FRAN!

Since I'm working on my mind games I decided to trick my mind with a last moment WOD. And when I say working on my mind games, like for nowhere a lot of "Ironman" athletes are sharing their stories. For a newbie like me, all could be possible. Every athlete have their own stories and experiences.

I don't want to get influenced by any of those histories but sometimes you double guess how "crazy" you are when you want to swim, bike and run for more than half day, all non stop and in my case in other side of the planet :)

I now deep inside me that this is what I want to do. My heart and soul is aligned with it and there is 2 ways I will cross the finish line.

On my own or in an ambulance :)

Today's WOD.

Warm up with 1000mts. row.

Then FRAN.

Painful. Very painful. With prescribed 95lb thrusters and pull ups I did the best I could. Total time: 8:26

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  1. Somebody is getting good! 8:26 for Fran is fantastic.

  2. Thank you Mike, I felt like is not a good number and still can do better, yesterday was a long day and I was not that motivated.

  3. nice job on fran that is hard workout.

  4. You are so going to do great at your Ironman!