Monday, May 24, 2010


Today started early with a voice over pending from last week. Everything OK until just after the 2 of 6, 1 hour shows one very expensive piece of equipment broke. No insurance, that means all loss.

We stopped the job and lost the work day.

Lessons I learn from Ironman, don't waste your energy on getting upset, is not worthy... anyway I get mad for a short period of time...

Since the job day was done, I went to the dentist to remove the stitches (from one pleasure to other...).

After that other meetings and then first WOD of day. Bike 5 mins on, 2 off, 4 times.

Felt awful, hard, tired and with no legs again, all uphills. The bike felt heavy (even with the zipps). Went from home to Litchfield and back.

1) 5 minutes - 2.63 km
2) 5 minutes - 2.56 km
3) 5 minutes - 2.21 km
4) 5 minutes - 2.43 km

Garmin data:
bike: 5 mins on, 2 off, 4X for distance (part 1) by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

At home checking the rear wheel set I found out the bike shop glue incorrectly the tube and have a little bump and they do not adjust the chain so now is touching and gears are making noise. More waste of time tomorrow to fix it. Dam

After the WOD I had a conference and a teleclass, rewire and connect the broken peace of the equipment and get ready to ship the 2 broken decks. Sweet looking for solutions and get ready for HELEN.

My daughter want to run with me since I was doing it down my drive way to the street and getting back for the kettle bells and pull ups.

Run part felt like hell. Literally. fighting all the time to catch up my breath and keep it together and don't quit.

I don't know if is the 13.1 miles from yesterday, the previous bike intervals or the humidity but felt tired all the time.

HELEN: Total time: 10:52

I starting to feel the pressure from the upcoming trip... I know everything will be OK just is a big adventure and a lot of new things coming my way.



  1. Nice work. And I feel your pain on the glue issue. It took a lot of asking around until I found a bike shop with a guy who really knows how to set a tire.

  2. Just remember your mental strength got you through all the mishaps yesterday and that is sometimes more important than how you feel physically.