Sunday, May 30, 2010

Knee pain and T-minus...

Friday was my day off and after an small concert at Charym with Francis Dunnery I helped to carry 2 heavy speckers upstairs, I think that was when I start feeling the knee pain.

Woke up on Saturday and went to a reading with Francis, great session! After that to the chiropractor to see what's going on with my knee, same spot like always...

She worked the knee area but the pain is still there, scary...

I didn't workout beacuse I don't want to make it worse, almost went out for a bike ride but started raining and that for me was the sign that I should take it easy and call the day off.

At evening my friends Nacho, Patry, Marcelo, Nomi, Nestor & Analia (Su) prepare as surprise dinner to wish me luck in Japan.

Now the pressure is bigger! :)

Very good barbecue and spending time with them felt awesome.

Today Sunday I will try to fo for a ride if my knee is better.

Being alone with my daughter will be a challenge to find someone to watch for her.

T minus 14.... Japan is arround the corner.

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