Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last night I went to sleep with a pain in my right cheek, like something was not right...

Today I woke up and the pain was more intense and suddenly I was worried about my health, since I've being ultra healthy, now anything out of the ordinary worries me, a lot.

Worked on 5 TV shows voicing over Spanish and Portuguese and between shows I called my dentist (which I didn't visit as often as I should) and make and appointment for an x-ray of that side of the face. Went to the doctor and he told me he is not sure if the "whole" in my molar is the cause of that pain or not, but in the mean time he will remove the molar next Monday.

That brings the first thing, I need to do the WOD of the day before to go under anesthesia, because after they remove it I will be out at least for that day :(

After the doctor I went to pickup my daughter to leave her at YMCA pool for her swim class. I'm on a swim restriction due to my new tattoo, but since I'm redoing it on Thursday to get a better "white ink" on it, what the heck, let jump into the pool and do the 400yds + 10 push ups x times while my daughter in on the pool.

I think a lot of parents thought this father is absolutely out of his mind, they look at me like what the heck are doing? Why you just don't enjoy your daughters lesson drinking soda and eating like us...

My daughter was just fine. She is 5 years old, old enough to have a swim class while her dad is working out just a couple of lines out. Not a big deal. She is learning to swim and soon she will be training with me, more likely I will have to catch up her...

Returning to the WOD I did 27:50. Not a good time but since the last time I hit the pool was 2 weeks ago, I didn't want to go crazy just to probe I'm fast.

Even with the pain on my cheek, my time constrains and all the things life can trow to me, I'M INFECTED WITH CROSSFIT ENDURANCE! I admitted is all over me and I will do anything to keep it that way!

After that we stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a sandwich for her and I remember Martin blog and I had a croissant with egg, cheese and ham (last time I had one was June 2009), and from there I went to YOGA.

Dinner at home and go to be early, tomorrow travel to Saratoga again.


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