Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wake up early and drive lake the last 7 weeks to Saratoga Springs, NY. 2 + hours from home.

Work and then went to try something new. HOT YOGA @ Saratoga.

Oh men, do you think you have what it take to be an Ironman, go to Hot Yoga and let me know afterward.

Class was great. Mark (teacher) was very good and the owner Cindy really have a beautiful studio. Packed class 30+ people. Room temperature 95-110 degrees. Hot very hot. I think I keep with the class at 70%. Sweat like crazy for 90 minutes and almost faint for moments. My stitches were acting wear, but I keep it together.

What I found really helpful in Yoga is that you need to be focus and concentrated during the class to hold the postures and in today's class, keep it together under tough conditions (sound familiar?) also improving flexibility and balance at the same time.

I will keep doing it every Wednesday when I'm here at Saratoga. I found a woman who will be doing IMLP next July! Ironmans/Irongirls everywhere! Love it!

Immediately after that I went to the YMCA to do my workout. Was hard to get myself together and motivated to go, but I did it.

Directly to the rowers area with a 35lb (20lb prescribed).

Try to keep rowing below 1:50, oh men, was hard.

Total time: 12:01. Tomorrow more rowing!

Peace and love everybody.

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  1. I do bikram yoga regularly and you do get used to the heat - but it is hard work - although I can't do it at the moment as I have hamstring tendonitis and I'm not allowed to stretch full range :(