Sunday, May 16, 2010

Felt like home (8x100 & 21KB/42SITUPS/84SQUATS X2)

Many times since I moved to the Northeast I didn't felt at home. People some time do not like to talk or share what they think, neighbors are not always friendly.

When I meet Max not only my body and mind changed, also I found a "support group" in the TriMax team. It means a lot every single time we share comments, questions, concerns...

I will like to say THANK YOU MAX to introduce me to this great groups of athletes but more than that a great group of human beings.

Today, talking about great people I met with Erica! Wow, what a women!

We did together the 8x100 swims at Granby, CT YMCA and then we went to the gym to do the 21KB swings, 42situps and 84 squats 2 times x time. Was really great to do the workout whit her who understands what this means and also was great to do it together, felt really nice.

1) 1:17 2)1:18 3)1:20 4)1:23 5)1:21 6)1:22 7)1:18 8)1:23

Felt good overall but tired. Was hard to concentrate on the long and strong strokes and breathing for moments was really hard.

21KB swings 35lb, 42 situps, 84 squats x times x time: 6:33
Maybe will sound a little sentimental, but training but yourself sometimes is not that great, is good to hit the garage and do a good WOD.

She almost kick my but and was really into it. Really!

After wards her husband, cooked for us a delicious Salmon and meat, and here it comes the best part of all: we ate a wonderful meal sharing PALEO and THE ZONE with our families!

Nothing was awkward or strange, even my wife and her husband share some of their daily "experiences" about being around people like Erica and me, which I don't even now how to name us.

Really and excellent Saturday!


  1. Ariel,

    I had the same reaction when I met Erica - "what a woman." Glad you guys had a good time with the workouts and cookout. Wish I could have been there.


  2. We will have to do it again soon, it was alot of fun and like Ariel said, it felt natural and easy. (the socialization, not the workout)

  3. love the picture! you guys rock! great workouts and good motivation to get it done...can't wait to meet everyone in person!

  4. I am so looking forward to getting together with everyone!