Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I started my day with a YOGA class. Valet Yoga Class to be more specific.

Excellent class by Victoria!

I supposed to run 10k this morning but I didn't feel I can do it so early and more considering I had my wisdom tooth extracted after the yoga class.

Dr. Braverman did and excellent job and I do not felt any pain (so far so good at 2:04pm).

I will be out today and I hope tomorrow I can do my WOD, I really need my daily crossfit infusion :)

Dr. prescribed liquids and soft foods. Now I'm heading out to find out a THE ZONE friendly soup...



  1. This makes my toe look not so bad :-) Feel better

  2. An Ironman race could not be any worse then this!!! Holy ..... Get well soon.