Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today officially I'm 24hrs. after the dentist told me be careful with the exercise, food, etc. etc. So I decided to go to the pool while my daughter was taking her swimming lessons at YMCA.

I did the 800yds with the scene from sharks where the water becomes read... yoke aside I felt the stitches like heart bits but in my mouth, not a big deal and I think the Clorox in the pool actually can help heal the wound :)

When I was almost finish (30 of 32 laps) the fire alarm went of and the lifeguard try to pull me out of the water, oxygen deprive I didn't figure out was going on... false alarm... 30 seconds later I was finishing my 2 last laps.

Good swim a little slow and thinking to much of the strange feeling on my mouth and the taste of the Clorox on the wound.

Total time: 13:55

After that went to the YOGA class, really hard today, lot of movements and new positions.

Went home and direct to the garage for my anticipated date with Cindy.

I was waiting for her all day.... If someone could may my mouth bleed and break lose the stitches could be Cindy.

I was decided that at the first drop of blood I will stop because I didn't want to go the hospital, less to my local hospital which have bad reputation.

I enjoyed the workout and I think next time I will push a little more.

I stopped at 21 reps with 30 seconds left. (5 pullups/ 10 push ups/ 15 squats) I know some of you did situps, I just followed http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/faq.html

Good day today even after yesterdays small surgery.

Ohhhhh, by the way today I committed to Ironman Cozumel next 28th. of November. Since I'm approaching my Ironman Japan my life needed a new goal to chase, I even talk with my wife about doing some climbs (crazy ones) and participate on a Climb Training @ Nepal for a hands on approach training to eventually some day be able to face the Everest, next year may be I need to find an Ironman close to Nepal.

Some of you will think this guy lost it, maybe you're right, maybe not.

Since I have my life back I will commit myself to chase crazy dreams I have and in the journey I will discover and reinvent myself many times...


  1. Nice job on Cindy. I hate her ;-)

  2. glad your back @ it after the tooth surgery.