Sunday, May 30, 2010

Better than expected (deadlifts and row)

Today I wake up feeling my knee a little better.

Since my wife is traveling I can not leave alone my daughter and go for a ride and see if Benidorm finally glue the tubular in the right way. I'm changing bike shops since they don't know nothing about customer service or what it takes to do the job and not worry a customer who is traveling half way across the globe. I'm realizing that if I want the things right I better start learning how to fix and prep my bike.

So I did my 2WOD at home.

Back squat 70% of weight used on 2/4, 21 reps, 500m row, back squat 15 reps (same weight), 500m row, back squat 9 reps, row 500m

This time to avoid master yoda asking me "so you think those are squats" :) I use a medicine ball to squat down.

I was not too worry about the time, more focus on don't blow my knee and do it right. Used a knee support.

Used 185lb. First 21 did it on 2 sets rest all in one. Row was good, concentrated on long and powerfull strokes. When I started the backsquats something pop in my left knee but since I didn't feel pain I kept going. Now, actually I thing the knee is better.

Total time was 13:10

Yesterday since the pain was more I didn't workout and I must tell I felt weird without working out, like I was cheating on myself and the Trimax team... Like guilty.

I think was better to do it instead of injuring more my knee...

Picture courtesy of my 5 year old daughter!

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