Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip and thrusters

This is the 4th week producing the Bellator show for Telemundo HD @Saratoga Springs, NY and like training after a while things started to improve, like last night I slept 5 hours instead of 2. Even when I woke up almost every hour thinking I sleep over, seems like I got some rest.

After finish captioning the show and feeding it to Miami I started my drive back home with the pending WOD in mind. 5-5-5-5-5 thrusters.

Arrived at home, unpack the car and went to the garage, the day was warm and still some sun, I decided to do it outside.

1) 45+50= 95lbs
2) 45+70= 105lbs
3) 45+90= 125lbs (3 and 2 reps)
4) 45+110= 155lbs (1 rep and fail)
4) 45+100= 145lbs (2, 2 and 1reps)
5) 45+100= 145lbs (1,1,1,1 and fail 2 times)

At the end felt tired and with no power to finish last rep.

Tomorrow more Yoga, Bike 40k and row.


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