Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunny and hilly 40km bike ride

Beautiful day!!!!

Back at home I did the 40km bike.

First I decided to go long carried out by the sun, but at last moment I remember the hills around the house and went for it.

The goal was: all hills on my way PUSH HARD, all downhills aero bar and speed. Did it!

I push hard almost all the time. 1 GU before the ride, couple of GU CHOMPS on the ride (40 minutes in) and 2 bottles of water/Nuun.

I love it, really! Was a really pleasure even with the hills. I so nice to be outside riding.

Considering the terrain which around my house do not offer any mercy (NO FLAT ZONES AT ALL!) I think I'm stronger that last year. Last time I did a similar route I felt exhaust and bit up.

Yesterday I even went home and clean the driveway and fix some things around, not that I was not tire, simply I felt better.

Now trying to find out more info about Ironman Japan Bike course to try to find similar hills to tackle and train my mind around. Any info is welcome.


Time: 01:24:49
Km: 40.02
Avg Speed: 26.9 km/h
Max Speed: 72.7 km/h
Elevation Gain: 814 m
Elevation Loss: 805 m

40km by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Last similar ride (31km)
RTE 4-63-118-HOME LOOP by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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