Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Size matters

Who says it's not, is lying.

Grow up with a silly phrase (originally in Spanish) "I prefer it small and playfull than big and stupid".

Don't know if just was something I used to repeat to myself or just a fact...

Today I probe to myself than size matters.

Why? Because I had to return a pair of pants that I bought, 32x30, because were big on the waist. I exchanged it for a 30x30, last time I bought pants last year was 40x30.
Last time I wear a pair of 30x30 I think was back then when when I started using "the phrase", back in the 80s at highschool.

Size matters to me, today small is better. Less is more.

Joke aside, feels so good to be able to fit on this pants!!!! And the best part is I'm not dieting or exercising to do it, the life style I'm having. Another fact that this is the right path, in every aspect.

Today I woke up late, decided to do the 2 WOD 1 @ launch, 1 after work @ the hotel gym.

This brings the point that i'm always thinking how to accomodate the WOD arround the work, before traveling checking the week, cloth to bring, places where I can trainning. The best part is that feels natural and not forced or a must do. What I mean is that I enjoy to be training like I'm doing it. Is not boring.

Sometimes just need to appeal to the inner force to do it, but is just that.

First WOD at YMCA
21, 15, 9 reps of 95# thrusters, dips, for time

Was hard and did thrusters in block of 5 and 6, dips too.

I need to stop couple of times beacuse I thought the bar was just about to fall onto my head.

Total time: 12:59

Stretched afterwards.

2nd WOD:
bike Tabata 1:00 work, :30 rest, 20X, note total distance covered

Did at the hotel on an stationary bike, next time I will bring my bike and do it outside.

I set the resistance at 13/ 12 in order to simulate road resistance. Was hard. Sweet a lot.

Total distance covered 8.45 miles.

Stretched after.


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  1. That is great Ariel. I was just thinking that my 32's are a little too big. I think you'll be down to a 14 slim soon!

  2. I echo your sentiments. I like to look at myself in the mirror now as I am so different than I used to be and still changing (I know I should not admit that). It is a wonderful lifestyle that we chose and we lucked out and found the right person to guide us on the journey. I don't know how you feel about this, but the goal (Ironman LP) is very important to me, but the journey getting there is akin to a religious experience. Keep on trucking!

  3. Hey, I notice you visited the hotel gym. Would you mind writing a review at