Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Situps and run

Another week away from home @ Saratoga Springs, NY.

Started the day at 5am., meditation and then went to the basement for the 250 sit-ups.

First 50 went very good, the rest on blocks of 25s, 10s and pushing just to finish. Used the ABMAT.

Total time: 9:25.

Drove to NY and after the day at the office hit the YMCA for an indoor track running.

Outside was raining and cold, that's why decided to do it inside, also because I was breaking my new pair of Mizuno Wave Universe 3 running shoes (http://www.mizunousa.com/equipment.nsf/1/09run2-track/410375?opendocument&div=running&cat=09run2-track)

Really light shows, thin (almost transparent) soles, no hills. Forced my to be really aware of how I was hitting the floor or how I was or not picking up my feet, was really good to be always feeling whats going on.

Also since I forget my Ipod, I was listening my feet touching the wrong, I'm saying touching and not hitting because when you have this type of shoes, if you hit, it hurt, really hurt.

Was much better that expected. Afterward, other history. My left ball of foot feels like a big blister growing. Not sure yet.

Decided to run my 13.1 miles next week with something more "forgivable" because I don't know if I can hold the whole distance with this Cinderella shoes. Will keep moving forward to transition to this shoes, but I guess take time...

Overall, felt good, I pushed and also keep trying to be aware of the "POSE", tight the core, tall posture like hanging from the head, chest up and pickup up the feet "into the box".

In 20 I ran 4.33km, 2.69 miles.


Elapsed Time: 00:20:00
Avg Speed: 13.0 km/h
Avg Moving Speed13.0 km/h
Max Speed: 17.0 km/h
Avg Pace: 04:37 min/km
Avg Moving Pace:04:35 min/km
Best Pace: 03:32 min/km

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 160 bpm
Max HR: 180 bpm
Avg HR: 86 % of Max
Max HR: 97 % of Max

Avg Run Cadence: 91 spm
Max Run Cadence: 95 spm

20 minutes run by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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