Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seeking for Mr. Power

Yesterday WODs.

1) 500mts row, 5 deadlift at 225lb, 10 jump box X 3 times

Did it at Saratoga YMCA at 6:45am. Row was good but not with al the powerbo used to. Deadlift prescribed was 50% of 4/12/10 deadlifts, but since I missed that WOD I decide to go bar (45) + 4x45 plates= 225lb

Jump boxes done in a platform near to the weights and rowing in the far front of the gym. Regular gyms are designed by Crossfit workouts at all!

Anyway, felt good to finish that WOD. Total time: 10:53

Toke more time to get here, lookers and go back to the hotel than the WOD itself!

At lunch I came back to the YMCA for the 800yds swim. Warm up with 100yds and then started the 800s. Tried to concentrate on the stroke "long and strong" and keep up with the WOD. Stopped a couple of time because of water in my googles. Felt exhausted upwards the end and pushed hard trying to pass out. Yes I was trying to see if I can push harder than my body can take. No luck. Felt tired, not even thinking clear but I did not pass out.

The lifeguard aproach me and asked if I was ok.

Total time: 14:13

Still with luck of power and feeling tired. I know is the result of less recovery (travelling and sleeping less) and also some extra stress product of the new project.

Soon I will get use to it.


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