Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I woke up all beat up and my calf's hurting a lot, but... one WOD at a time will train me for Japan.

Worked all day then I did the 1st. WOD. 5k rowing for time. I did not want to do it, I just don't felt tired and not motivated, but I head to the garage, jump on the rower and started. Concentrated on keep it with technique long and strong trying to hit less than 1:50 and going all the way in and out. Very hard session.

5km ROW, Total time: 19:27.

Then as part of my alignment and flexibility training plan I keep up with my commitment of at least 3 to 4 YOGA classes a week and went to Charym for a evening class. FELT AWESOME. The teacher/owner of the place is great and the class was excellent. Even my 5 years old daughter did more than half of the class paying attention all the time. This place is a source of energy for me.

After the YOGA class hit the YMCA for the 800yds. TT swim. Felt good but tired. Practice concentrate on the strokes and try to control my breathe. Was hard I will not lie. I don't know exactly if I did 800yds or 850 since I lost count.

800yds swim, Total time: 14:55.

Tomorrow again traveling and staying away from home.

Namaste to all.


  1. Great time on the row Ariel! I would give a whole lot to swim that fast!

  2. Great work Ariel, but don't push yourself too hard - you need to make the start line in one piece :)

  3. Thank your Jane.

    Dan I trade my swim for your run! Deal?