Monday, April 26, 2010

Ride, family launch and run

Beautiful Saturday morning ideal for riding outside and do my 1st WOD of the day 20km.

Choose to do a loop close a loop around the house and meet with family at Litchfield.

Ride hard and push it all the time, felt good the little headwind was not that bad.

I'll upload data later.

Right after that we had launch and went riding easy back to home another 5 miles. Change my clothes and went to the garage for the 2nd WOD.

400mts run, 21 swings @ 35kl, 12 pull ups. X 3 times.

Did the run on the brand new INNOV8 230s, felt really "natural" and you can really perceive was is going on since there is almost no sole. Light and comfortable and supposed to be the Rx Crossfit shoes.

Swings flow right but pullups felt hard and needed to broken down easy numbers.

Time: 00:48:27
Distance: 24.36 km

Garmin data:
20K 4-63-LITCHFIELD by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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