Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today I went to YMCA to do my first WOD

1x800, 2x400, 3x200, 4x50

1x800* (counted wrong and did 900yds) @ 8:30
2x400 1) 3:05 2) 3:13
3x200 1) 1:30 2) 1:31 3) 1:35
4x50 1) 0:43 2) 0:43 3) 0:44 4) 0:44

First 900yd was all over the place, rushed and with no stroke awareness at all.
Then I regroup and, like when practicing POSE, think on the stroke and always try to remember "LONG and STRONG" words from master YODA.

Everything flows better and I really feel it. But it's hard to always be on top and concentrated on strokes, lap count, oxygen, etc. etc.

After that a good chiropractor session and back to work.

@ Evening i hit the garage for my 2nd. WOD. My daughter immediately want to be part of the WOD. Asked me, what are we doing today, and jump to the row machine (Picture below).

Then when I was doing the back-squats, she was cheering me up and I decided to show her how to do it whit a broomstick. Teach her the "gorilla chest cue" and she naturally did it.

I love to see her interested on Crossfit and naturally seeking for more.

My 2nd. WOD:

7-7-7-7-7 Backsquats:

1) 45+90=135
2) 45+90+50=185 (did not go deep enough so decided to go lighter next set)
3) 45+90+20=155
4) 45+90+30=165
5) 45+90+30=165

@ the beginning felt tight, but after the 3rd. set felt better.


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