Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday, and after a long thought process I went for a new tattoo.

I choose a Japanese kanji of Never Give Up, because was what kept me running after the T2 in my first 1/2 Ironman at Florida.

In Japanese word for Never Give Up (kesshite akiramenai) which is read kesshite akiramenai.

The Japanese phrase kesshite akiramenai is composed of the word kesshite which in this case means "absolutely; decidedly" and akiramenai which is the negative of akirameru meaning to "Give Up" - so the translation is "absolutely do not give up".

The tattoo session was done at Saratoga Springs, NY at a place call Needlewurks. Joe was great with me even when I almost pass out, this is not my first, actually is my 9th. tattoo, but this time instead of drinking COKE I just head into the session I guess low on sugar and that almost put me out.

After we finish we start reviewing with me the after care I need to follow and he goes "no pool for 2 weeks..." What? I'm almost pass out again :)

How I'm suppose to train then? I absolutely forget about this detail so I text Max to fix the planing for the next 2 weeks which be the time the tattoo needs to heal, he promptly respond and now I will be replacing swimming for rowing.

After the tattoo session when back to the hotel to regroup and then head to the YMCA for my WOD of the day. 5-5-5-5-5 backsquats.

The session went good and I think I did good, felt with energy and motivated, maybe was because I was looking at my new tattoo :)


1) 45+ 45x2= 135lb
2) 45+ 45x4= 225lb
3) 45+ 45x4 + 10x2= 245lb
4) 45+ 45x4 + 10x4= 265lb
5) 45+ 45x4 + 10x4= 265lb


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  1. OUCH is that really a tatoo? Looks like a branding, but maybe that is how all tatoos look right away. Hope it heals quickly.

  2. Yes it's a real tattoo and will take a couple of days/ weeks to heal right, maybe even another session for touches, but it's worth it every single pain, like training...

  3. I can see why you almost passed out! Ariel, huge numbers on the squats. Super strong!!

  4. added a handwriting of my session, since after received Dan comments and Max txt, I thinking why I did different, maybe the force if with me...

  5. Hey bro where did u get that art?