Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night went to sleep dreaming may be today I will be receiving good news and getting one winning spot on Kona Lottery.

Unfortunately not. Maybe for a minute or more I feel sad. But the I realized that maybe I'm asking to much in my first year of triathlon experience.

That leave me to my original plan. Do 1 Half and 1 Full Ironman in my first Year (2010) then dial in the numbers (train harder) and qualify for the big shoot.

Going to Kona is a big dream or if you don't prepare right could be your worst nightmare.

Life goes on, and there is 3 things will never go away.


Today WOD (originally 1) run 1 mile, rest 8 minutes x 4 times. I add tomorrows WOD since tonight I will be working all night again and don't know if I will be able to do the 2 WOD tomorrow.

So here we go for a brick session at YMCA Saratoga Springs, NY.

First and kind of warm up WOD 40 swings at 45lb, 40 sit ups & 40 squats x 4 times
Almost non stop WOD except for the last sit ups.

Total time: 9:34

After that I went to upstairs for an indoor session.

Warm up 2 laps and then started running.

Focus on keep the core firm, head and chest up, picking up the feet and also trying to be aware of my legs and how I was running.

Starting to feel the difference on the speed and how to accelerate without pushing the floor harder.


MILE # 1: 7:45
MILE # 2: 8:01
MILE # 3: 8:25
MILE # 4: 8:44

Good thing I was able to be aware most of the time on the POSE running technique and apply it.


RUN 1 MILES, REST 8 MINUTES X 4 TIMES by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. Today is a crazy day! One of Max's old clients got a Kona spot...I have a feeling you'll get your chance one day! YOu're doing great! The more experience you have, the stronger you will get!