Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inside, treadmill or outside hills & Family WOD

After an al nighter (work related) on thursday night o slept just less than 2 hours again this week, work another 8 hours and drive 2 1/2 hours home. Not fun.

Missed the WOD 1 of 2 WOD on friday. Today saturday I wake up tired and drained. Went to the chiropractor and have lunch. Then went to Benidorm to service my bike, where I meet Billy a really cool buddy who happens to be a 5 time ironman finisher and an excellent person to chat with. He discovered that after some tries to find out why my gears not engage correctly, cables or other parts were just find, problem was the cassette.

The rest of the ealry afternoon family and I spend doing chores.

First WOD was and because was getting dark and cold, 5km run. 2 options, inside @ the treadmill or outside @ the shor loop arround the house.

First option was not an option after spent all winter @ the basement. 2nd option in the other hand was challenging. Arround my house the run loop is all up, only part of the downhill is just the warm up portion.

I started thinking I will do my best on a course wich challenged my before when I started to eclxercise on June last year. I still remember the hills, dirty roads and steep hills.

Anyway, heart bear spike to 92% within the first 1km and stay there most of the time, then the challenge was to keep the focus on the POSE on hills, which now I know I need to practice more, also was cold outside (45F) and breathing cold air was kind of relaxing.

All the time I was thinking this is a good course to train endurance but speed or time will not be PR. Again, better outside in the nature than inside at the basement.

After pushing my mind out of quitting this run, I manage to keep trying, keep trying to finish my 5km. Sound like is not big deal, just 5km. I challenge you to run it with me and then tell me if I'm wrong.

When I looked at my watch I felt happy. I expected a time like 35 or more but was 29:04 which for this course and my short trainning running, I can take it as improvement.

I used to say I'm not s good runner, now I changed to "I a learning runner who is running better every day", is putting in the air and programming my mind to accept that I will run better and running is part of my life.

I return happy and thinking on brick my 2 WOD, 30 wallballs @20lb, 30 pushpups, 30 squats. Then 20 and 10s.

I enrolled my wife, daughter and dog to the garage to do a downscale version.

My wife resisted a little bit but ended in the garage with Juliet already doing squats at the top of the jumpbox (in this a Crossfit train or a practicing to dance on top of a speacker later in her life?), my wife warmup with 500mts row, followed my Juliets 100mts row.

The she did 15, 10, 5 of my WOD and Juliet just did push ups, squats and 5 assisted pull ups.

I felt so happy that the whole family was doing something together!

My time 5:03.


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  1. good choice - outside is always better even with the hills, great time!