Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today I accommodate my day to the first WOD at launch, on route 9 Saratoga Springs, NY.

After 3 days of rain, today at noon the weather started to change for good. I decided to ride route 9 north. I started with the intention to warm up and then do the ride, but the sun, riding without layers of cloth, kick in and started to pick up the pace, but suddenly a reality of the hill (yes those things that go up and down) hit on me.

Apparently my mind and body get used to Florida to easy and the hills were suddenly harder and higher, buy life goes on and I needed to pedal, so that's why I did.

I stand up and start pushing and pushing as hard as I can, trying to avoid the shoulder which by the way was in a really bad shape.

I really enjoy the warm weather, the wind and the whole thing was just great! My mood was up and happy.

I manage to do:
1st. 5.02km: 11:29
2nd. 5.20km: 9:24
3rd. 5.02km: 9:23
4th. 5.37km: 9:51

After the day at the office I went to YMCA for the 2nd. WOD.

deadlift 21 reps (half bodyweight), run 400m, 9 sit ups, deadlift 15 reps, run 400m, 15 sit ups, deadlift 9 reps, run 400m, 21 sit ups.

I did it with 95lb (Bar + 2x25lb)

Felt good, really good! Since the 2 plates (25lb) were smaller than the ones I have at home, I hit my knees a couple of times. Runing on the treatmil also felt good, tried to practice POSE but at 10.2 set up was kind of weird, not easy, but tried to keep the core tight, chest up and pickup my feet quickly.


Stretched using the new stretches I learned, making improvements already, moving inches up, but that I'm my book means a lot.

This week, so far, has being great, meaning my mood and motivation are really high.

It's the weather? It's the proximity of Ironman Japan and I know to do this in order to made it? I don't know, I will not fight it, I will embraced it and used it on my advantage.

I'm sure that I prefer this weather to train rather than miserable snow season.



4 X 5KM : 1 MINUTE REST by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

Deadlift 21 reps 95lb , run 400m, 9 sit ups, deadlift 15 reps, by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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