Monday, April 26, 2010

First D.N.F. @ 13.1 training

Yesterday was a nice rainy Sunday and since next Tuesday will be busy I decided to switch arround WODs.

Early on Sunday I did my Level 2 reiki cert. and couldn't feel better about life.

I started my 13.1 really upbeat and happy, rain in my face and listening good music. Running from route 4 and rte. 69 @ Burlighton to West Hartford was the plan.

I left the parking lot and start running downhill on rte. 4. All the running equipment was the same except for a new pair of INNOV8 230, which felt like a globe. Really nice shoes, almost not sole but much better and forgiving that the mizzuno universe 3.

Downhill was nice, may be a litle over dress and feeling hot but manageable, rain felt good, I was really paying attention on loose my feet, tight core, POSE and breathing. Was hard to be aware all of the time but I was doing all right.

But suddenly after the first 4 miles started to feel my calfs really tight, not just a cramp, more like a brick. I keep running but when I reach the 6 miles at Unionsville and stopped on a light I felt like I can not keep running, ran a litle more and decided the smart thing to do is stop running, check the ego out an call the WOD.

I think was the right thing to do since I prefer to DNF and now injured myself.

An sour taste in my mouth about the whole thing but I know is OK.

Next steps, massage, chiropractic session and more POSE DRILLS incorporated to my training calendar among YOGA every week at least 3 times a week. I need more flexibility.

When I decided to buy this INNOV8 I exchange emails with master YODA (Max) and I remember he told me to run in my kswiss for long distances and for drills and less than 5k use the new ones.

I should listened him... and the force would still be with me...

Another lessson learned.


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  1. Yep, crazy how new sneaks can impact your workout - and I love them by the way, they almost trump my bright turquiose ones.