Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday for some reason was a challenging day for me. Maybe the lack of sleep and traveling away from home drain me, I don't know exactly.

Received the confirmation on the Hotel and booked my airline tickets for IRONMAN JAPAN 2010. Now is a reality not longer a project or a illusion, now is real.

While trying to imagining how it will be my first ever Ironman a lot of thoughts jumps into my mind, a lot of what if... a lot of doubts...

I now I have the soul to do it, I know this is what I like to do, I know all that. I feel all that, but is not an easy thing to do, I mean to make peace with your mind in order to be able to put aside all bad or negative thought and be able to reach inside yourself and pull this race to the finish line.

This time, far away and with no family or friends in the race will be all me.

While talking with a partner life coach she mention that his fiance in 2004 went to Ironman Japan with an athlete. I contacted him and he send me a document he wrote back then. That document impacted on me. Maybe because was kind of a preview of some thing I can expect over there and some paragraphs are hard to digest from the distance...

Since I'm traveling I decided to brick 2 WODs today.

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 DEADLIFT & 1000 yds swim, was hard to do it after a day at work and motivation department was not working...

4)45+90+90+90+50=365lb - FAIL
6)45+90+90+90+20=335lb - FAIL

1000 YDS
Concentrated on the stroke (long and strong) and still need to work on mi turns in order to gain momentum, now I'm touching the wall and going back.
Total time (not 100% in): 17:55

I left the YMCA tired but with the hope tomorrow will be another day.

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