Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We all have choices and we need to stand by what we choose. Today I wake up really early and again I'm not a morning person at all.

5:30am, reiki meditation, wake up my daughter, prepare breakfast, prepare all the food for the week away (zone ready!), feed the dog, drop daughter at school, drive 2:30 hrs to Saratoga, arrive to the hotel, check in a rush, went to the office, take an 1 hour teleclass (life coaching) get back to work, conference calls, etc.

Wait a minute. Today I suppose to do the 5miles, rest 5 minutes x5 times! When?

Right now or never! That's THE CHOICE! instead of having a cozy lunch with coworkers I decided to hit the road with my bike.

Route 9 north. First 2 intervals felt not motivated and tired. Mind set was off and still on the office. After that and the nice views and new territory, actually enjoy it.

I did not check the numbers (results) to see the actual stats, in my heart was a victory because I did not bail, and even tired and with a rough start of the week I still training, one WOD at the time and all what I have.


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1) 5 MILES: 15:36
2) 5 MILES: 13:42
3) 5 MILES: 14:53
4) 5 MILES: 14:54
5) 5 MILES: 13:00

INTERVALS: 5MILES, 5 MINUTE REST X5 TIMES by legassa at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. Way to go Ariel!! No, it is not easy to stay the course, and there are so many distractions too. Sometimes the times aren't important.