Thursday, March 18, 2010

Track & Fun

Today WOD, 8x200mts. @ 75%, went to yesterday's same track but this time with my daughter.

Felt good to warm up with her arround the 400mts., dreaming with the day she may be doing the same for her first triathlon.

She had fun waking and jogging arround, climbing and playing with a stick, kids stuff... They now how to have fun with little things.

After expending 2 weeks here at the sunshine state I notice that overweight people is epidemic, eveywhere you go or look is hard to find healthy people.

It hurt and make me want to help them to enjoy the life living it not eating it.

My brother in law needs to loose at least 80 pounds and I'm researching ways to motivate him to start a better lifestyle.

Still trying to go beyond the classic "be healthy to see your kids grow..." I know how that feel my dad dies when I was 5 and part of my pursuit of healthy lifestyle was because I want to enjoy my kids and be with them as much as I can.

But for someone who wasn't live a lost of father is hard to be motivated with this line of thinking.

So the question is: what to say to somebody who you want to motivated to change?

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  1. Unfortunately the motivation needs to come from within. I know a lot of people who would like to be healthier, to look and feel better, but they lack the motivation to make important life changes. A lot of the people that I have known for a long time are starting to view me as a freak because I excercise daily and am strict about my diet. I don't care because I feel good and as a by product look good (my opinion).

    I understand wanting to help others adopt this healthy lifestyle, but I have found it to be a waste of effort.

  2. Thank you martin for your thoughts! I found out training and nutrition is like talking about religion or politics, could ended up very good or very bad!

  3. Hi Ariel,

    I think you can only hope to be an example for people like your brother in law. If you talk to people about how much this lifestyle has helped you maybe they'll get motivated. Your excitement and your results will hopefully be the motivation they need to change their lives. I would let them know that you are there for them if they decide to make a change or to answer any questions to help them get started. Unfortunately, we can't do the work for them. Have a great, great race.

  4. Maybe the question to ask your brother in law is, would you like to do something together sometime? Be a friend and listen more than you talk, and don't give advice unless asked. He can figure it out. We all can. When we're ready.