Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swim, Bike and Run

Today WOD 20 minutes light each discipline.

I swim in the ocean, a litle cold but calm like a pool. Since the other day I almost get hooked by a line, I decided to swim between the lifeguard houses.

20 minutes light strokes. First 5 minutes felt my arms tight, really tight! I need to warm up better before to jump into the water.

After that, I bike for other 20 minutes with headwind, again I don't know what is harder win or hills. Good part: the beautiful ocean view at Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce.

Then loaded the bike into my father in law truck and ran for 20 minutes from Indian River to US1. Nice run. Felt a litle tight and some pain on my left knee and upper right leg.

I need my chiropractor!

I will post to comment the data when I receive my computer back since my sweet daughter spill a cup of coffe on my MacBook :(

In 7 days at this time I will be heading back home with my first 1/2 Ironman result...

Side note:
I read this article which is really interesting


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