Monday, March 8, 2010

Swim and Bike @ Florida

I went to Fort Pierce, FL to swim and try my wetsuit. Since the last time I used a suit was like 20 years ago, I toke time to get use to it.

Water was really cold, lifeguard told me 57F. He was a crossfiter! But not crazy enough to accept my challenge to swim.

Currents were strong and I swim for 30 minutes enjoying every second, even when my hands and face felt really, really cold!

The walk back the 2 miles I swim.

Take a shower at the beach and put my bike gear for the 20km TT. The bike path was destroyed and bike was doing an extrange noise. Also I had wind facing me, a lot of excuses for my first cycling outside the basement.

Legs felt strong and better than expected, at 10km turn arround and with the tail wind the difference was immediate.

Anyway the road was in a really bad shape and don't want to break my bike so I take it easy.

Total time: 34 minutes.

Later I will compare with previous TT.

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