Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something old, something new, all good!

This it'a crazy week for me. I'm at Saratoga Springs, NY for a production seminar. Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Friday I'm driving to Florida (1300 miles from home).

But that's life right? Challenging.

I toke Max mojo and I'm going one WOD at a time.

Today was 45 minutes running. Something old, knee was bothering me, this time the right knee.
Something new, I run at YMCA SARATOGA wich have an indoor track, very nice and well maintained. That keep me motivated and warm to run before the seminar started.

Total distance covered: 5.12 miles. Starting pace 7.8mph worse pace 6.8. Tried to keep it most of the running at 7.5 but was hard and right leg was hurting, maybe because I used a bracelet on the left knee, I don't really know.

I feel happy! Running in a new place, not in a treadmill and I made it all the way.

Tomorrow up at 5am to do the WOD before the day of work.

And... I'm not a morning person.


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