Monday, March 1, 2010


Today WOD, Run 400mts, 21 swings with 35lb kettebells, 12 pull ups x 3 times.Total time: 9:45.

I did the workout at home, treadmill on the basement and swings and pull ups at the garage.

Felt good. Pull ups broken down in groups, really hard. Right elbow was bothering a little bit.

Today I went to service my bike and the bike shop broke my gear shift, they promise they will bring my bike today at home. Good service at Cycling Concepts (Rocky Hill).

Leaving on Friday to Florida to spend 2 weeks before the race over there. Since I didn't have any vacations yet, will be great to spend some time in a warmer place, training in short leaves and shorts.

This winter by far, is the hardest one on me.



  1. Race is so close - I get a little more nervous everytime I login to my blog and see the countdown timer lower & lower, but 19 days for your 1/2!!! - really looking forward to your race report. will you be able to blog from Florida?

  2. Yes Jane, race day is coming soon! I'm so nervous and exited! Yes I will be able to blog from Florida. I need to finish no matter what in order to get an slot at Ironman Japan (june 2010). Thank you for your comments!

  3. Wow - Japan! I am routing for you.

  4. Ariel,

    I am excited for you and a little jealous of your upcoming trip. Cycling Concepts is my favorite bike shop - I don't go anywhere else anymore. Thanks for the info on the DVD and the CHI running book. I ordered them both yesterday.

    Have a great trip and a great race!