Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hotel and Pool

3rd. day at Saratoga Springs, another early wake up and head to the YMCA, but since my room is close to the Hotel Gym I decided to check it out. Find out nobody was there and I can save a trip to the gym.

Did the 50ft waking lounges with 25lb barbell, 21 burpees x 4 times. Total time 10:30

Burpees are always hard, but now for me have another meaning, get stronger in my core and legs.

After the WOD I practice 4 stretches with each leg, the ones Max prescribed. Really hard to do it, but I'm committed to get better and that means, more flexibility in my muscles.

After the day at the office, I head to YMCA for my 15minutes swim. Felt a litle wear at the begining, new pool and no swim since race day. Felt good, I pushed as hard as I can and manage 31 laps x 25 yds. each.

Then back to the hotel to have dinner and go to bed to recover.


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